Quarterly Newsletter

December 2007


You and your loved ones will be remembered in the Eucharistic Liturgy offered monthly for one year at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Have you ever thought that sending Christmas cards is also a work of mercy? One can bring such joy to shut-ins, loved ones and friends by the simple gesture of remembering them with a Christmas card or greeting. Another idea is to send one to a soldier recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. You can send it to:

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

We suggest you celebrate the birth of our Lord by sending religious cards and using the 2007 “The Madonna of the Carnation” stamp.


Attached is an order form showcasing the Catholic Daughter ornaments that you had the opportunity to view at your state conventions. Have you ordered yours? This would make a wonderful gift for Christmas.


By this time, hopefully all CDA members have received their attractive and personalized CDA 2 year pocket calendar. Please be as generous as possible when donating to this program; however, be assured that we appreciate your support and any donation you are able to make. If you have not received your pocket calendar, please contact the National Office. Thank you!


The National Committee on Bylaws shall receive and review all proposed changes to the Bylaws. The Bylaws may be amended at any Biennial National Convention by a two-third (2/3) vote of the National Court Present, provided written notice has been submitted to Local and State Courts four (4) months prior to Convention. An emergency amendment may be proposed without prior notice at a Biennial National Convention provided it has been previously approved by the National Committee on Bylaws by a three-fourth (3/4) vote of the full membership of the committee. The Bylaws may be amended by such an amendment only if approved at any Biennial National Convention by three-fourth (3/4) of the National Court Present.

Amendments to the Bylaws must be approved by the Local Courts. Since State Conventions are held too late for them to be approved at this convention, Bylaw Amendments will by-pass the State Convention proceedings.

Proposals to amend the Bylaws and Rationale for the amendments should be mailed directly to the Chairman of the Bylaws Committee. Mrs. Anne Nelson, National Chairman of Bylaws, 6420 Wilben Road, Linthicum, MD 21090. Five (5) copies of each proposal and rationale (one on each page) MUST BE RECEIVED BY JANUARY 15, 2008.

All approved amendments must be in proper form and signed by the Local Court Regent and the Court Recording Secretary. A copy of your proposed amendment and rationale should be sent to your State Regent for her records. Please see the November 2007, Convention Information Mailing for the proper form.


The Executive Committee, Helen Johnson and several Board members, will be in Washington, DC, in January, to attend the Vigil Mass for Life on January 21st and the March for Life on January 22nd. The theme will be “Build Unity on the Life Principles throughout America. No Exception! No Compromise!" Once again I invite you to sponsor one of us who will be marching to the Supreme Court on Monday, January 22, 2007. For every $1.00 sent, 50 cents is returned to the State CDA Pro-Life Committee for use locally. If you are interested, please send a check, made out to March for Life, to one of us, and we will make sure that your State receives the appropriate returns from Nellie Gray. However, State Regents may want to do this through the State court and then forward one State check to National Headquarters. This is a simple strategy for increasing your pro-life funds. Contact your National supervisor for further details – Good Luck!


Morality in Media has been sponsoring a Turn Off TV Day since 1991, as a vehicle to protest offensive programming of glorified vulgar language, unmarried sex, crime, violence, religious insults, etc. No TV? What Can I Do? Why not celebrate Valentine's Day by giving your loved ones gifts money can’t buy - quality family time. Perhaps you might consider the following:

Plan a family dinner or picnic, create a “togetherness” day - games, a walk in the park, trip to the zoo/museum, etc., volunteer - there are so many in need these days and the rewards you will reap are overwhelming. Most importantly, support MIM’s efforts by contacting that broadcaster and advertiser to protest offensive programming. So long as we, the consumers, continue to view these objectionable shows, we will continue to be exposed to it.

"Addiction is an ugly word, but it is a reality. And what are the results of TV addiction? Deterioration. Deterioration of family togetherness, closeness. Deterioration of mind and spirit. We've lost the art of family conversation. We don't read. Our children are not stimulated to read. They are missing the great treasures, the literature of the ages. But the worst result of the addiction is a lack of interest in God and the Scriptures. Divine love as well as human love is leaving the home of the family addicted to television." Father Morton A. Hill, S.J., founder of Morality in Media


JCDA celebrates the closing of their 82nd Anniversary year on February 24, 2008! Enclosed you will find the JCDA Proclamation.


The 2008 Women’s History Month theme, Women’s Art: Women’s Vision The 2008 theme will celebrate and recognize the vision of women artists. 


The National Nominating Committee (elected at the 2006 National Convention) shall consider the qualifications of all candidates proposed by State Boards for the National Board of the ORDER which shall consist of five (5) Officers and nine (9) Directors. (Bylaws, Article XII, Section 2).

Names submitted for the consideration by the Nominating Committee must be accompanied by a statement of qualifications, a current photograph, a statement of endorsement by the State Board of the candidate, as well as consent to serve by the candidate. Seven (7) copies of each shall be received by the Nominating Committee Chairman (see address below), no later than MARCH 1 of the Convention year (Bylaws, Article XII, Section 2-A).

PLEASE NOTE: Article VI OFFICERS Sec 3 Term of Office

Sec. 3 Term of Office

National Officers and Directors shall be elected by ballot at each biennial convention of the National Court. Not more than two (2) members of the National Board shall be elected from the same state, with one as a National Officer and the other as a National Director. They shall assume office thirty (30) days after the election.

The term of office shall be for two (2) years. No National Officer shall serve more than one (1) term in the same office. No National Director shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in office.

A State Board may endorse more than (1) candidate (Bylaws, Article XII, Section 2 A-1).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you plan on running for an office on the National Board please be sure to make your air reservations to return home on July 20th afternoon. The immediate past board members and the newly elected board members will be meeting Sunday morning.

At the National Convention in Minneapolis, MN July 2006, the following were elected to serve on the 2008 National Nominating Committee: Mary Ann Kizer, Chair

PO Box 2753

Pine Bluff, AR 71613

Vicki Boeckman, MN Carol DiCioccio, CT Suzanne Dalton, NV

Lisa Jensen, WA Judy Reed, VT Mary Robek, WI


FIVE (5) copies of each Resolution being submitted should be in the hands of the National Office by June 15, 2008. Information on how to present a Resolution is found in the November 2007, Convention Information Mailing. Please forward them to: Catholic Daughters of the Americas

10 West 71st St.

New York, NY 10023


There are so many exciting events taking place with Habitat for Humanity and the Catholic Daughters. The homes in VA and MN have been completed and the ones in TX and LA will be dedicated before the end of the year. Plans are well underway for the International Builds in Mexico in 2008 with many Catholic Daughters planning to participate. The winter issue of SHARE will highlight stories of the partnership of CDA and Habitat for Humanity.


Enclosed is the latest information provided by our Legislative Chairman, Helen Johnson. Please read and pass along the information to your members.


Catholic Daughters of the Americas has been a staunch supporter of the North American College in Rome over the past years. This is an ongoing charity of which many vocations to the priesthood have been nourished. Are you aware that we also support another college that nurtures vocations?

The American College – Catholic University of Louvain – is located in Belgium. They recently have celebrated their Sesquentenial Year (150) and to help fund their sesquentenial projects which include renovation of several buildings including their chapel, publications of a commemorative book, and scholarships for seminarians. They are appealing to us to assist by making a special gift. The decision of the National Board was to appeal to each Court to contribute $50. This is definitely voluntary – you are not obligated but we pray you will find it in your means to assist this needy appeal. We ask that you continue praying for those in formation and for all priests and religious. Enclosed is a brochure about the American College of Louvain. Please send you donation to Catholic Daughters of the Americas, 10 West 71st Street, New York,, NY 10023, with a notation that it is for Louvain.


Thank you to all those Courts are have been sending in their contributions to this worthwhile charity. Please be sure your members give their donations to you and you then send a State or Court check to the National Office so we can compile our donations together. We can then record your donation in our database. We have an informational DVD available at the National Office for you to use. There are also informational packets for those who want additional information and do not have the use of a DVD player. Please contact the National Office or email cdofanatl1@aol.com.


Are your Chaplains, State Chaplains and Bishops receiving SHARE Magazine? Does your local library receive copies of SHARE? If not, why not sign them up today? What better way to publicize our wonderful organization. Please refer to the subscription form enclosed.


We have changed our liability coverage for all Courts to Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. All Courts are covered under this policy until April 6, 2008 at which time this policy will be renewed. In March 2008 all Courts will be billed based on membership as of September 30, 2007. For further information check the November 2007 mailing.

Any members who purchased any of the Group Insurance Policies are still with RKI Group Plans.


Your National Regent, various National Board members, Helen Johnson, Peggy O’Brien and Tom Panas have represented you at the following events:

*Ribbon-Cutting of the Elevator at the National Office

*Executive Board Meeting in New York

*Blessings and Dedication of Habitat Homes in VA, MN, TX and LA

*NCCW National Convention in Columbus, OH

*National Office Staff meeting

*Mercury Publishing meeting in NY

*SOAR! Benefit Dinner and Presentation in NY

*USCCB Conference in Baltimore, MD

*State Workshops and Board meetings


Congratulations and Best Wishes to all states and local courts who celebrated milestone anniversaries this past fall. Whenever possible, National Board Members attended courts celebrating their 90th, 95th or 100th Anniversary, if invited. May God grant you many more successful CDA years.


Has your state or local court sponsored a membership drive recently? If the answer is NO, it is not too late to get women to board the CDA train in your state or church parish. Each state and local court needs to set a goal of how many members to bring in before March 31, 2008. Let 2008 be the year that the membership for CDA increases. Remember monetary prizes will be awarded at the National CDA convention in 2008 in New Mexico. If you need suggestions on how to conduct a membership drive, contact your State Membership Chair or contact the National Membership Chair, Vickie Broussard. ALL ABOARD THE CDA TRAIN!!!!


Are you aware that we now have 10 CDA Courts on college campuses in the US? They are located at Baylor University, Waco Texas, Briar Cliff University, Sioux City, Iowa, George Washington University, Washington DC, Georgetown University, Washington DC, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington, Incarnate Word University, Antonio, Texas, Nicholas State University, Thibodaux, Louisiana, St. Thomas University, Houston, Texas, University of Maryland-College Park, College Park, Maryland and University of Texas-Austin, Austin, Texas.


We are proud to inform you of the institution of the following new courts – congratulations and best wishes may be sent to:

Ct. Mother Teresa No. 2592

Viola Maehren, Regent

1145 Hudson Rd Apt 409

St. Paul, MN 55003

Ct. St Philip the Apostle No. 2593

Tessie West, Regent

11110 Statesville Blvd

Statesville, NC 27013

Ct. San Clemente de Los Lunes No. 2594

Delores (Dee) Shannon, Regent

P O Box 764

Los Lunes, NM 87013


Attached is the new price list for National supplies. Prices are subject to change.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that your end-of-the-year officers’ jewelry gifts are ordered as soon as possible. All orders for 14K, 10K and Sterling Silver take approximately ten to twelve weeks for delivery and must be accompanied by a court check covering a deposit of 50% of your order.


Please pray for the following deceased and their families:

Alan D. Zimmerman, husband of National Director Lorayne Zimmerman.

Condolences may be sent to: Lorayne Zimmerman

National Director

1130 NW Maple Avenue

Corvallis, OR 97330-1444

Deacon John Shepard, husband of Past NY State Regent Helene Shepard.

Condolences may be sent to: Helene Shepard

Past NY State Regent

PO Box 455

Washingtonville, NY 10992


Please correct your records to show the correct e-mail or mailing addresses for:

Libby Ramirez, National Regent-Elect


Duchess Collins, National Director


ND State Regent

119 Brooktree Circle

Harwood, ND 58042



December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 25 Christmas Day

January 1 New Year’s Day

January 15 Bylaw Changes Deadline

January 21 & 22 March for Life Mass and Pro-Life March in Washington, DC

February 14 National Turn Off TV Day

February 24 National JCDA Day

March 1 Nominations for National Board due

March 2 Read Across America Day

March 16 Palm Sunday

March 20 Holy Thursday

March 21 Good Friday

March 23 Easter Sunday

June 15 Resolutions for Consideration at Convention due

May all of life’s treasures be blessed upon you this Christmas for this is truly the season to rejoice and celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. May the Peace and Joy of the Holy Family be with you and those you hold dear~

In Unity and Charity,

Claudia R. Bosch

National Regent

Enclosures: Evangelization Ornaments

National JCDA Proclamation

SHARE Magazine subscription form

Operation Morningstar

2007 National supplies and jewelry price list

Morality in Media

American College Louvain

Women Embracing the Gift of Humanity”



WHEREAS: The Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas will initiate a year of celebrating its Eighty Second anniversary on Sunday, February 24, 2009 and

WHEREAS: The Junior Catholic Daughters promotes the development of the whole person through programs of self-identity and the encouragement of personal and spiritual growth and

WHEREAS: The National Youth program is open to Catholic girls ages 6 through 18 years of age and

WHEREAS: Junior Catholic Daughter programs of action are aimed at higher moral standards and respect for human rights and

WHEREAS: The Infant of Prague is their Patroness, now be it

RESOLVED: That each Junior Catholic Daughter member participates in appropriate celebrations to the Infant of Prague throughout the year and be it further

RESOLVED: That Sunday February 11, 2007 be observed as National Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas Day and designated as the beginning of its Eighty Second anniversary celebration.

Given this _______________ day of __________

By: ____________________________________

(Signature of civic official)


(Title of civic official)

December 2007

Dear State and Local Court Regents:

Are your State and Local Court Chaplains receiving Share Magazine? Are the Bishops of your Diocese receiving SHARE Magazine? If not, why not send in a subscription to have his/their name(s) added to our list so that he doesn’t miss out on all the important news about our wonderful organization.

I am enclosing a subscription sheet to be completed and returned to the National Office as soon as possible. The subscription rate for Chaplains or any other Clergy member is $4.00 per year. If you send in a subscription for 3 years the cost will be $10.00 or for 5 years the cost will only be $17.00.

If you would like to have a subscription for your local library or schools the cost for a one subscription will be $8.00 per year.

So that we can update our records properly, we ask that if your court has recently paid for your Chaplain’s subscription, kindly complete the attached form and enclose a copy of both sides of your cancelled check.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Warm regards,

Margaret O’Brien

Executive Director


STATE_______ COURT NAME________________________________________________ NO.___________

CHAPLAIN’S NAME _______________________________________________________________________






If you have a change of Chaplain or a change of address for the chaplain or clergy please remember to advise the National Office. Additional names may be added on the reverse side of this letter.

_______________One Year Subscription @ a cost of $4.00

_______________ Three Year Subscription @ a cost of $10.00

_______________ Five Year Subscription @ a cost of $17.00

I would like the following institution (i.e.; libraries, schools etc.) to receive Share Magazine at the rate of $8.00 per year.


(Please type or print clearly)




I have enclosed check #_____________________ in the amount of $________________ payable to Catholic Daughters of the Americas.

Please return this form to the National Office as soon as possible to the following address:

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Share Magazine Subscription

10 West 71st Street

New York, NY 10023



Volume IV, No. 6 December 2007

2007 Farm Bill

We sincerely hope that courts across the country had their members contact their Federal legislators on the Farm Bill. Those of us residing in cities are also affected by this type of legislation -- maybe not directly, but certainly indirectly, for example: by the produce we purchase; by food stamps for low-income families no matter where they reside; by hearing from family members who do reside on farms. This is an issue for all of us.

State Issue Not Covered by

National Legislative Committee

There could be a national issue that arises in a state before it attracts national attention. What are such issues? Possibly school vouchers, specific kinds of education in schools, prescription drug, housing, to name just a few. The National Legislative Committee should be contacted before a state or local court takes any action. A state’s position should not conflict with the National Committee’s position. This subject is covered in our 2004 “New Legislative Policies.”

Are Contacts with Legislators Effective?

We would say “yes.”

You read in the Spring 2007 issue of Share the positive effect Catholic Daughters in Vermont had on defeating their Assisted Suicide bill. To quote from Bishop Salvatore Matano’s letter to Vermont’s State Regent “...Catholic Daughters were a true support in our common efforts to defend life with the defeat of the Physician Assisted Suicide Bill, H.44. Your continued involvement in pro-life issues is of vital importance to the spiritual and pastoral mission, not only of our diocese, but also of the universal Church.”

Vermont CDA members also received PR recognition in their diocesan paper The Vermont

Catholic Tribune.

Earlier this year, the State of California had an Assisted Suicide Bill in its legislature, but “... legalized assisted suicide in California fell short in June from having enough votes to advance the measure in the state Assembly...” Backers of the bill have conceded there were “two main groups working against” them: the Catholic Church and the disability community.

We ask members to contact their legislators as constituents and not as Catholic Daughters. Many times you will read where a senator or representative’s position changed as a result of the communications received from his/her constituents.

2008 March for Life

The Rally and March in Washington, D.C. will be on Tuesday, January 22. Monday, January 21, is a Federal holiday, Martin Luther King Day. The Vigil for Life Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington will be Monday evening, January 21, beginning at 7 PM. Check out our CDA webpage late December/early January for further information on the March.

Challenge to Local Courts

Has your member participation in legislative activity increased by 10%, per challenge issued at the 2006 National Convention? E-mail us and let us know: helenj30@yahoo.com.

Approved: Libby Ramirez, National Regent-Elect