State Regents Conference

Members of  the National Board pause under a “Circle of Love” poster during the action-packed three-day State Regents Conference in Belleville, Illinois, to unveil their new purple jackets.  The jackets were purchased as a dignified and appealing clothing item that is lighter and somewhat easier to wear.  No national funds were allocated for the jackets; each officer purchased her own.

In the picture, sitting, from left to right, are Executive Committee members Libby Ramirez, Third Vice National Regent; Sally Rytlewski, Second Vice National Regent; M. Joan McKenna, National Regent; Claudia R. Bosch, First Vice National Regent; Joanne Tomassi, National Secretary-Treasurer.


Standing, from left to right, are National Directors Vickie Broussard, Virginia Duffy, Margaret Bingham, Jackqueline Smith; Executive Director Peggy O’Brien; National Directors Betty Grogan, Anne Nelson, Kim Spicka, Shirley Seyfried and Mary Jo Kozar.


Conference Brings National and State Leaders Together

On Thursday, August 18, recently-elected State Regents from across the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico many accompanied by fellow state officers, joined the national leadership, members of the clergy and others at the bi-annual CDA state regents conference held at our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois.


The three-day conference, designed to support, educate and offer networking opportunities, provided comprehensive information on state regent responsibilities, parliamentary procedure, leadership skills; CDA contests, scholarships, and programs such as the “Circle of Love” public relations and the new CDA web site.  Interactive workshops and a special “lunch with the brunch” provided opportunities for brainstorming with fellow Regents and members of nearby states.


Many regents found it especially valuable to talk candidly and enthusiastically with their counterparts about issues specific to individual states and those shared by all. 


A special morning Mass was celebrated in the conference banquet, where an impromptu altar was set up.  Saturday evening Mass was celebrated in the church on the grounds of Our Lady of the Snows.  The National Board remained an extra day to conduct final business and tie up loose ends.