Institution of First CDA Court in Tennessee:

A Truly Joyous Event!


On Sunday, December 11, 2005, at 10:30AM, the first Court in the state of Tennessee was instituted. The last time CDA organized and instituted its first court in uncharted territory was 1974 – in Mexico.  In the above photo, new members of Court Nativity #2561 stand in the chapel of Court Nativity parish, the home of their new court. Reverend Michael M. Morgera, Court Chaplin, who has been a wonderful source of faith and support, stands far right.


            Court Nativity's First Regent                                     A New Member -- and Future Catholic Daughter?


During the Installation Ceremony following Mass,             New Catholic Daughter Pam Knight, above, sits

Natalie Holloway-Rivera, above, awaits her turn to           with daughter Hayley, six years old, during a

light a candle and  become the first Court Regent of          pause in the Installation Ceremony following Mass.

Court Nativity #2561.


       "Taking a Bow" -- Solemnly and Reverently           

Holding their ceremonial white roses before placing them at the shrine of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother Mary, Patroness of the CDA, Judith Arcy, left, and Marianne Clifford, right, bow solemnly while facing the alter during the Institution at Mass.


Signing the membership book of the First Court in Tennessee: Truly a "sign" of the Times

Vice Regent Lisa Laurent signs the Covenant Membership Book during the installation ceremony amidst Daughters who are all smiles. Looking on, are, to Ms. Laurent's left, Rose Tomassi, former National Secretary-Treasurer who made the trip from Florida; to her left, past national director Dolly Pena, who travelled from Texas. Waiting to sign the membership book, to the right of Ms. Laurent, is Mary Strickland, Court Nativity's Financial Secretary.


Vickie Broussard "and Company"

Special credit goes to Louisiana’s State Officers who made the long drive to Bartlett from their home state to support the new Court and National Director Vickie Broussard, whose commitment to membership made the dream of a first Court in Tennessee a reality. Vickie, who many of you know recently had surgery from which she is recovering, made several long trips to Bartlett to explain in person how the Daughters could benefit the women there.

Joining Reverend Michael Morgera, Chaplain of Ct. Nativity #2561/Pastor of Church of Nativity in Bartlett, Tennessee, are Louisiana State Officers who traveled to Bartlett, bottom row, left to right: Alice Tassin, First Vice State Regent of LA. (Walker, LA); Father Morgera; Jodie Giambrone - State Secretary of LA. (Thibodaux, LA); Vickie Broussard - National Director and Organizer of New Court (Iowa, LA.). Back Row (L to R): Gloria Newman - Second Vice State Regent of LA. (Lake Charles, LA.); Sylvia Waits - State Regent of LA (Baton Rouge, LA.) Joyce Stein - State Treasurer of LA. (Vacherie, LA.); Elaine Hardy - Regent of St. Raphael Ct. #1377 of Iowa, LA.

Sharing the joyous occasion together


Members of the Executive Committee, other national leaders past and present, the “Louisiana contingent” and Father Morgera gather with the Daughters of just-formed Court Nativity #2561.  Representing the organization that formed the Daughters over 100 years ago and continues in a brotherly, supportive role is special guest, Knights of Columbus Tennessee State Deputy, Marty O’ Haver, standing center.