Catholic Daughters March for Life in D.C.

Many Catholic Daughters from across the country made the trip to Washington, DC,

to literally walk the walk and be counted in support of Life for the annual March for Life, January 21, 2007.

The March began on Monday morning with a gathering on Washington's Ellipse that included many speakers. 

Marchers then walked down Constitution Avenue past the Capitol Building (below).

The March ended at the Supreme Court, symbolic of the Roe v. Wade

decision made in 1973. In the photo below, New York First Vice State Regent

Mary Impellizeri from Long Island (left) and National Director Letty Calvetti (right)

from Pennsylvania stand in front of the Supreme Court building at March's end.


On Sunday evening, the traditional National Prayer Vigil for Life Solemn

Eucharistic Celebration was held at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the

Immaculate Conception.  His Eminence Cardinal Justin Rigali,

Archbishop of Philadelphia, was Principal Celebrant and Homilist.

In his homily, the Cardinal referred to Roe v. Wade as a "national disaster"

and said that for the first time since 1973 support for Roe v. Wade was

ess than 50%, at which point the congregation applauded enthusiastically.

Among the many inspiring and hopeful aspects of the occasion was the

large number of young people attending.  Many slept in the Basilica. 

You get a sense of their youthful, positive energy in the picture below.  

At the Basilica, National Regent Claudia R. Bosch had the good fortune

to encounter Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus.

They were able to spend a few moments together after Mass.


During the Mass, Supreme Knight Anderson gave a reading from

he Book of Neremiah, which seemed to captured the spirit of the March:

    Today is holy to the lord and your God.

      Do not be sad and do not weep.

      Do not be sad.

      Today is the day of the lord.


Throughout, the Daughters were undaunted by the sloppy, uncomfortable weather. 

Armed with warm clothes and umbrellas, in the photo below, waiting for the

March to begin are, left to right, standing, National Clergy Consultant Father Michael Schommer;

sitting, from left to right: Immediate Past National Regent M. Joan McKenna,

National Regent Claudia R. Bosch and Executive Director Peggy O'Brien.


A Special Birthday Wish for Joe Leary

On Saturday afternoon the National Officers boarded a bus to Maryland

to visit Legal Counsel Joe Leary in the Assisted Living home where he is

staying temporarily following a hospital stay.  The quality time they spent

together included the birthday prayer, which everyone sang to Joe while

Second Vice National Regent Anne Nelson, left, presented Joe (sitting, center)

with a birthday cake.  National Regent Claudia R. Bosch, right,

National Regent-Elect Libby Ramirez (lower right, facing Joe)

and the others in the room extended their hands in prayer to him. 

Joe is optimistic, healing and expects to be back home soon. 


Following tradition, members of the National Board came to the March as

a group and encountered some of their Sisters along the way (Were you at the March?  Let us know.*)

The issue of Life is profoundly serious, yet there is joy and satisfaction in making one's views known

nd standing up to be counted.  Thus, the smiles on those in the photo below are warm, wide and triumphant.

The smiles belong to, left to right, National Director Letty Calvetti; Second

ice National Regent Anne Nelson; Chair, Legislation/Operation Morningstar Helen Johnson;

National Director Margaret Bingham; National Clergy Consultant Father Michael Schommer;

National Secretary-Treasurer Shirley Seyfried; Executive Director Peggy O'Brien;

National Regent-Elect Libby Ramirez; Immediate Past National Regent M. Joan McKenna;

New York First Vice State Regent Mary Impellizeri; New York Second Vice State Regent Pat Gavin

(partially hidden, in purple cap); and National Regent Claudia R. Bosch. Absent from the photo is First Vice National Regent Joanne Tomassi.

Joanne made the trip to Washington, but was unable to march because of severe knee pain and had to return home early.

More about the March for Life to Follow:

     Full story and many more pictures will be posted shortly. 

      Legislative, Operation Morningstar Chair Helen Johnson will write a story about the March for the spring issue of SHARE Magazine.

     *We want to hear your stories.  If you were at the March, send us pictures and short stories and we will post them on this website.  Click here for how-to details