Make Your New Year's Resolution a CDA Resolution (continued)


Underneath the formal parliamentary language of these Resolutions (a lot of "whereas" and "therefore, be it resolved that," etc.)

is deep passion -- a passionate call for your heartfelt commitment to help end suffering or support something noble and good.

Read the Resolutions carefully. Are there any that are especially near and dear to your heart or that evoke sympathy, compassion or even fierce indignation?

What project can you discuss with your Court to put this Resolution that speaks to you into action?

For example, Resolution No. 7 addresses "the vast number of illegal immigrants in the United States" with a resolve to pray for a public discourse on the issue marked by prudence and compassion leading toward a positive resolution.

January 14, 2007 will be the 93rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees. This year’s theme is "The Migrant Family"  (click here to link to the Holy Father's message for the World Day of Migrants).  Perhaps you would like to plan something with your Court on that day in support of Resolution No. 7.

This is just one idea. The possibilities are limitless.

When you and your Court have resolved to actively support a CDA Resolution let us know and we will post your story on this website.

If you have done so already we’ll post it as well.

Email your activity on behalf of a CDA Resolution to Tom Panas at:

In the subject line write "CDA Resolutions."

Best wishes to all for a wonderful 2007.