Reflections on Dr. Martin

Luther King’s Birthday


What does the life and vision of this great man mean to the Catholic Daughters?

For National Director Lucretia Coates, a Charter Member of the first African-American Court in Maryland, it is in part the thrill of seeing Dr. King’s dream of equality among the races progress toward fruition.

“As part of the first generation of true integration among the races, we are the beneficiaries of Dr. King’s dream,” Lucretia said.  “His memory and the enthralling words of his speeches motivate us to continue working for ever-increasing diversity.”

Lucretia is proud to see this diversity in the Catholic Daughters. 

“Catholic women have a strong spirituality that transcends race. The Catholic Daughters brings us together in a way that encourages us to share this spirituality and be united through charitable activity in the spirit of Jesus Christ.”

National Regent Claudia R. Bosch agrees.  “Diversity is so important to our organization. We embrace participation from women of all races, creeds, and nationalities, and encourage them to share Catholic spirituality and charitable endeavor within the context of our motto ‘Unity and Charity.’ There are also Courts in Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guam and the Virgin Islands.”

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